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Idol lash Reviews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Reviews

If you have landed on this page in search of Idol lash reviews, I'm sure this isn't your first read. You’re looking for information indicates you didn't find something quite meaningful so far. So, welcome to my site and I hope by the time you reach the last line of this page you will find enough meaningful information to make a decision whether or not to buy Idol lash.

This isn't a review but a review about Idol lash reviews you will find in cyber space. If you know the intention behind these reviews, it will help you in understanding the idea behind the words here. Reviews now aren't as helpful they used to be earlier.

The Good Reviews

These reviews will tell you every thing good about the product and why you should go for it. These are written by people who are selling you the product and all their efforts are geared towards making you believe that it is the best product. The other groups of people who contribute such reviews are the ones who have fallen in love with that product, so they simply overlook the minor negatives. They are as biased as the former group. 

So, when you read a positive review, try to pierce through the words and find out the intention of the writer/reviewer.

The Bad Reviews

There are also bad reviews, trust me! :-)

These are mostly written by people who want to promote a different but similar product. They try to draw your attention towards minor details of a product and dissuade you from buying that product. There's another group of reviewers who write the bad reviews, but their reviews are so bad that it falls into the following category - the ugly reviews. More about them later in this post.

These reviews not only bias you negatively but also create fear in your mind about a particular product. If such reviews are written by skillful writers, you most probably go with their point of view for ever and dissuade  many others from buying the same product. What I mean by this is that, they never tell your fact but what they feel about the products. People's feeling about a thing is subjective and most of the times they are biased.

The Ugly Reviews

These reviews come from people who have used or at least tried to use the product. Either they never received the product or it was lost in transit. May be they receive damaged goods and the company didn't responded the way they expected. However, this may not be the only reason for their frustration. In some cases the product failed to fulfill their expectation or it simply didn't work as promised by the vendor.

How bad we feel when we paid for a product and it did nothing? They feel nothing different than that. Now they are aggrieved and they want to spread a word about how bad things are with this company.

Most of the single star reviews fall into this category. You must read these reviews carefully before you make a buying decision for that product. They are too important to ignore.

OK, enough of this. How is this going to help you? How is this related to Idol lash reviews?

First, this is going to help you in understanding the rest of this article.
Second, this is going to help you in evaluating  the future reviews you will read. This isn't  the last review you are ever going to read! :-) 

If you make further searches for Idol lash reviews you will find reviews pertaining all this types. Then, what does all this reviews make Idol lash? A good product or a bad product?

Let's see.

First, I have never seen so many reviews of any other eyelash enhancer growth serum as that of Idol lash. It indicates one thing, this product is very popular. Sparing my own experience with this one, there will be plenty of people who have benefited from use of the lash growth serum. Again, there are people who say they never benefited form the use of this product. How can that happen? How can a product work for some and fail to work for some other? Yes, it can happed too.

Eyelashes are very delicate. It needs a lot of maintenance to keep your lashes clean and healthy. Otherwise they break or fall off. This can be compared to injury or incontinence. But, that's not all. There are organic disease which affect the hair roots and make it weak. There are toxicity conditions of body which enhances lash fall. This may happen due to wrong medication or over dosage of medication. Stress or grief in the long run may result in falling off of your eye lashes. In such cases you need medication and nutrition first to restore the normal condition of your body. Under such conditions Idol lash is not going to stop your lash fall or it can never give you the growth possible in a normal case.

If you are enjoying normal health, it is sure that Idol lash will enhance your lash growth. I recommend this product for the following three reasons. They are self explanatory, so there is no need to elaborate.
  • Idol lash is affordable in comparison to most of the peer products in the market.
  • It is easy to use than most of the home made eyelash enhancers.
  • It is safe because it is made from natural ingredients. You can check the ingredients of Idollash.

If you are a normal and healthy individual, then you can try Idol lash. It is surely going to give you results.

P.S. Try it on your brows. It promotes eyebrow growth too.

Want to check the Price of Idol lash?

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Idol Lash Price: Where to Get Idolslash Best Price

Some women fail to get a clear idea about Idol lash price when they finally decide to buy Idol lash. Some don't have details about the exact price whereas some feel confused about where to get idolslash best price. It's not that they don't do any research. With so many stores around which sell the Idol lash eyelash enhancer, the more searches they do the more confused they become.

If you want have a clear idea about Idol lash price, then go through the following lines. I have done a through research on the prices offered by idol lash website and by You will get the pros and cons of buying at both these places. The reason why I have picked up amazon is it is very reliable and the cheapest among all the online stores who offer to sell you idol lash eyelash enhancer.

If you have finally decided to buy, then you have two distinct choices, either it's the Idol lash official website or To choose a vendor, you have to consider the data below.

Idol Lash Price Offered by

Idol lash is offer in the packs of 1, 2, 4, and 6 in Amazon. Out of these 4 different types of packs, the 4 and 6 packs are super saving packages. In the pack of 4, you only pay for 3 bottles and in the pack of 6, you pay for 4 bottles. Women those who have already purchased and are satisfied with the result generally go for these 4 and 6 bottle packs. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. :-)

A very important factor here. You must always consider the shipping cost while buying your pack, because some stores quote low price and add shipping cost  at the shopping cart. But, if you buy from amazon the shipping is free even for the single bottle pack.

Single Bottle Pack :     $37.95
Two   Bottles Pack:     $67.95
Four   Bottles Pack:     $97.95
Six   Bottles Pack:       $147.95

==> Buy Idol Lash from <==

Idol Lash Price Offered by Idol Lash website

Now if you order from the official site, it is a bit different.

Single Bottle Pack :    $49.95   Plus shipping     
Two   Bottles Pack:    $89.95    Plus shipping
Four   Bottles Pack:   $149.95  Plus shipping
Six   Bottles Pack:     $199.95  Plus shipping

Details about shipping and coupon offers:

Shipping is not free if you order from the official website. It varies between $7.94 to $31.88. There are two types of shipping - "standard" and "rush delivery." The first type costs less and takes 10 to 15 days to any country. The second delivery method costs more and take 2 to 6 days approximately. For example, in USA the standard shipping is $7.94 and the rush delivery cost is  $14.88. For international delivery the standard delivery cost is $24.94 and the rush delivery cost is $31.88.

If you opt for shipping insurance, it is going to cost you additional $3.99. This will protect your purchase from transit damage or theft of your product.

If you have any query about coupon offers for idol lash -- there are no coupon offers present now. Neither the official website nor is offering any coupon offers at present.

I hope, this is all the Idol lash price information you will ever need.

Now if you are thinking that it is better to order from you are probably right. But, let me inform you that the original idol lash website is selling more units than that of Go figure!

The main reason people order from the Idol lash website is probably the idol lash scam. There are some unscrupulous sites which take orders from innocent buyers but either don't deliver at all or deliver cheap duplicates. That's the reason, I compared the price of only these two vendors in the first place. If you get any popups during your search promising very cheap prices for Idol lash, don't place your order. :-)

If you want to buy Idol lash from the Idol lash website or want to go to Idol flash website for further information click the link below.

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Beautiful Eyelashes: The 5 Secrets

Eyes are the mirror of ones internal beauty but eyelashes are the beautiful frame to this mirror which gives life and  expression to the  eyes.

Eyelashes add expression and appeal to ones eyes; shapely and long eyelashes add fantastic sex appeal!

Think of a beautiful young woman with tiny and puny eyelashes. What happens to her desirability? I think, I don't need to answer that.

Eyes not only see others, they let others see you. Beautiful eyes add some inexplicable charm to a personality which can never be compensated by any other organ. But, the irony is that your eyes are the same for life. You don't have the choice of any variety which you can add to keep making your eyes look different periodically. However, this shortcoming can be overcome by adding variety to your eyelashes.

Fashion models, make-up artists and women who take good care of their beauty keep searching for alternatives to add variety to their eyelashes.

Aren't these eyelashes looking great?

Yes, beautiful eyelashes add so much to your personality that you can simply call them fantastic.

Then, how to have beautiful eyelashes?

Have longer eyelashes

There is no alternative to natural eyelashes, so you must take all care to grow your eyelashes naturally.

Eyelids devoid of good lashes not only look bad they are an indication of poor eye health. Worst, they indicate carelessness.

There are many ways you can grow your eyelashes. Proper use of  Vaseline on eyelashes grows your lashed over time. Castor oil is also another agent which regenerates broken lash-roots.

Keep your eyelashes clean

The main cause of lash-fall is lack of proper cleanliness. If you don't remove the make-up before you sleep in the night, you invite lash-fall or breakage. Even the best make-ups leave their toll on your skin and lashes.

When not using make-up, focus on moisturizing your lashes. Apply castor oil or use petroleum jelly. Apply a mixture of olive oil and a few drops of lemon with the help of a clean medicated cotton ball, and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wipe it off with water. Do this for over a month and get your eyelashes grow.

Use proper make-up to enhance eyelashes

Always use very good quality make-ups which suit your skin and lashes well. For example, poor quality mascara bundles up eyelashes when applying and breaks up lashes while removing. Make-ups are not the area where you can penny-pinch, otherwise you have to spend more with doctors and beauticians.

NOTE: To make your lashes to stand out, use a lighter shade for eye shadow. Define your upper eyelid well and use a darker eyeliner.

Diet and exercise

 Poor general health, higher stress level and growing age are also some of the main cause of scanty eyelashes. But, you can always regenerate your lashes with some care. Focus on relaxation, sufficient sleep,  proper diet and general exercise. There are some specific eye-exercises which keep your eyes and lashes in good order. These include rotation of eyeballs in both clockwise and anti-clockwise and relaxing the eye muscles for couple of minutes.

NOTE: Improve your diet adding a lot of sprouts and leafy vegetables to it. Vitamin E helps growing thick eyelashes.

You can use artificial lashes too

If for any reason your lashes are falling short of your expectations, you can use external add-on. Surely the sky is not going to fall. But make sure that you clean your lashes well after that.

There are Mink Lashes available which are hand made with 100% pure natural mink fur.  They are very popular with Hollywood Stars because they are soft, light and very natural looking. They last longer than Synthetic or human hair lashes and look more natural. Mink Eyelashes are made of individually selected mink fur/hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live farm animals. They are natural, comfy and they also last longer.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Idol Lash Information As Much As I Could Gather

Searching for some information on Idol lash?

There are a lot of searches regarding this because Idollash is giving a FREE Bottle Offer.

I have collected some information. I can not say it is everything about Idollash, but this will be enough to take a decision. If you are not planning to go for Idol*lash  now and need further information, I think you should go to this page and read it fully.

I am giving answers to the most possible questions first.

1. Is there a FREE Bottle Offer?

YES. Presently, but I can not say how long it will stay. If you find the offer gone when you reach the order page, I am sorry.

2. Why are they offering it Free?

It's not   you  alone who is skeptical, there are many. When a product is offered free and particularly when it is supposed to be an elite product, there are certain amount of misgivings. But do not worry, the product is tested and safe.

It is a promotional event and that is why it is difficult to say how long it will remain. I would rather say, you go there  first and reserve your bottle,  then come back and read this post. It will open in a new window.

3. Is there any side effects of this product?

There are none so far. It’s made with all natural ingredients.

If you are in a hurry and want to check the offer immediately,  click here.

Women, those who are fond of natural grown long eyelashes try many things to make eyelashes grow. You will find another group of women, who even can not answer the question, "Do eyelashes grow back?" properly. But the truth is both these group of women love long eyelashes.

Initially they start with eyelash home remedies such as castor oil, olive oil, Vaseline etc. but most of them slowly switch over to eyelash growth serums.

What are these serums?

These are a combination of many lash growth liquids capable of  lash growth, when applied regularly.

Idol Lash is not the only product in the market for such purposes. There are few more and  they have success stories as well. But, it became very famous after  getting endorsements from celebrities. People love to use the things celebrities use you know.

Why Prefer It Over Other Lash Enhancers?

  1. The main cause of popularity of this product among celebrities is, it's  natural. There is quite a lot of ruffle about it - it’s made with all natural ingredients. I can not over stress the importance of substances we are going to use on our eyes. Toxic things are not only going to harm the lashes, it would also create a lot of  eye irritation and in long run, may cause organic eye disease. Also, harsh chemicals will most certainly make the lashes dry and brittle.
  2. Women, those who want beautiful lashes, want beautiful brows also.  Many of the manufacturers sell two different products, one each for lashes and brows,  where as this product can be used on both lashes and brows.
  3. As per the manufacturers,  "In just a few weeks Idol Lash will restore health to dry and brittle eyelashes.  In addition to that,  it will stimulate your body to grow new and healthier eyelashes than ever before."
  4. It costs quite less in comparison to similar products.
  5. Now there is  a FREE Bottle Offer.

What are Idol Lash Ingredients?

I have collected the following ones, but most likely there are more. No manufacturer gives away his/her complete trade secret! I did not understand much out of  the list. Hope you will understand some.

allantoin, alfalfa extract, arnica extract, acetamide MEA,
butylene, bitter orange flower oil,
chamomile extract, cocoyl sarcosine,
glycol, glyverine,
hydroxyethylcellulose, honey extract, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans,
kelp extract,
linolenic acid, linoleic acid,
myristoyl pentapeptide-17,
nettle extract,
panthenol,  propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80,   phenoxyethanol,
sodium hyaluronate,   sorbitol, sodium cocoyl collagen amino acid,    sulfur,  simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil,  
triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil,   tetrasodium EDTA. tocopheryl acetate,
wheat germ acid and Water

Does Idol Lash Really Work?


How can I be so sure?

  1. My simple analogy is this. People buy a particular thing for two reasons. One ~ it suits their budget. Two ~ it fulfills their needs. When people have sufficient money to pay for, they only buy things which fulfills needs perfectly. If celebrities are using it, it is working.
  2. The manufacturers conducted a clinical study on 15 participants aged between 24  to 82 years. All these women used only idol lash regularly for 28 days, once a day at bed time. On testing it was found that there was an increase in eyelash thickness and length by  25%  approximately in most cases. These results surpassed even  the manufacturers expectations.
How and Where To Buy Idol Lash?
As per my research, you can’t buy Idol Lash in your near by stores. So you can only buy it online. A word of caution, there are fake stores online also. These scammers take your order but either do not deliver at all or deliver a fake product. So, the best place to buy Idol Lash is  from the official site online.

Take care and don't get ripped off.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Does Vaseline on Eyelashes Promote Lash Growth

I am many times asked, "If  it is safe enough to put Vaseline on eyelashes?"  Does Vaseline keep them soft? Is it OK to use  fingers or to use a brush? Does it not irritate eyes if it gets in them?

If you are also searching for the same information about use of Vaseline or castor oil on eyelashes, please read on. I have searched for some relevant information online and found some good one.

Some agree that Vaseline has helped them not only in protecting their eyelashes but also there was lash growth. There were many who voiced  that though they used it in some occasions, they got no positive help. They felt that there is no proof of anything put on lashes will make any benefit. They were afraid that any such effort may block the tear ducts and most likely cause eye irritation, So they would prefer to leave their lashes alone.

It is clear from the many posts I found in some forums that majority found it very useful.

Let's check the cross section of a lash.

A strand of eyelash, from periphery to core has  three parts:

Cuticle:  This is the out layer of your lash and is a single layer of cells arranged like roof shingles. It protects the inner layer like scales in a fish. If due to some reason cuticle loses its suppleness, the strand breaks.

Cortex:  This contains densely packed keratin. This gives the strand stuff and color.

Medulla: This is an area in the core which contains loose cells and air-spaces

With growing age, the eyelashes grow hard and hence brittle. The brittleness is more in those women, who regularly use waterproof mascaras. So, the eyelashes tend to break either at the root or halfway, especially when they try to remove the make ups or used up mascaras. This can be avoided or minimized it one can maintain the flexibility of the lashes with some external agent. Women use all kind of stuff on their eyelashes, starting from Vaseline to Dr Hauschka's lip balm. I am sure there are so many other things used but off the record.

Then what can you do to avoid such breakage?

Use lash conditioning products such as  Lamas, Mavala or Talika.

Use Castor oil:  I know castor oil is  a proven eyelash conditioner. It grows and thickens the lashes and creates a soothing effect on your eyes. I have used it myself and I know many young teenagers who use it.

Use Vaseline:  Moisturizing them with Vaseline surely keeps them soft and stops them from breaking. It is safe and there is no reported eye irritation.

To see how to use Vaseline on your eyelashes and eyebrows watch this video.

You can use your fingers or a spooky-brush (i.e.: clean mascara wand), to apply the Vaseline or castor oil, just in the same way you apply mascara. It is less messy than if you applied it with your fingers. You don’t need to drown your lashes in it, just apply a light coat and it will do. That way, it won’t get into your eyes or tear-ducts also.

If you are serious in growing your eyelashes and don't mind spending some money, use growth serum. They come in various brands, but as per my research Idol Lash is the best.  It is the cheapest also.

It uses non-toxic natural ingredients in its serum, so harmless to the eyes. It will not only grow, it will also thicken eyelashes.

The best news is ~ Presently they are offering a FREE PACK OFFER.

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Do eyelshes grow back?

Are you bothered by the question, "Do eyelashes grow back?"

Read on then...

The answer is an emphatic "YES."

Eyelashes growth is as natural as the growth of hair on any other part of your skin. It may take sometime, but it is possible.

Importance of  long eyelashes

Longer eyelashes are an indication of beauty and femininity, and all women feel very proud of their long lashes. As per the ancient science of Physiognomy, longer and well formed lashes are indication of good health, fertility and good luck. The same principle applies even today. Women who take enough care to enhance their beauty, don't mind using false eyelashes if they have shorter lashes.

There are special cases where all the eyelashes fall of leaving no eyelashes. Those cases are extreme and are a result of organic disease. However, following are some of the general causes why lashes break.

Causes of eyelash loss

  • Organic disease
  • Lack of sufficient protein in diet
  • Aging
  • Excessive make up
  • Rough handling of lashes while make up removal
  • Pollution
  • Stress

How to grow back eyelashes

When you find your lashes naturally weak or falling off, first of all you must ascertain the single most cause. You can always find the exact one because it is easy. You know your body best, better than any doctor. Most of the time the cause you will find will be one among the those given above. You can start with the following schedule.

  • Keep your lashes clean regularly
  • Clean them gently.
  • If you regularly use make up or add on lashes, it is better to discontinue it for a few days.
  • If the cause is organic disease, consult a doctor or an Ophthalmologist.
  • If you pass through polluted areas, use a good pair of goggles.
  • If stress is a the cause, take up some aerobic exercises or yoga, meditation etc.
  • Use some  natural ingredients like castor oil and olive oil on your lashes.

To thicken eyelashes, make it a habit to keep them clean.

Use of growth serum

If you are serious and want to a go a step further, use growth serum. They come in various brands, but as per my research Idol Lash is the best.  It is the cheapest also.

It became famous when some Hollywood celebrities started speaking good about it.

As per their site, you will start observing visible result as early as 28 days. As per them,  IdolLash will restore health to dry and brittle eyelashes. It uses non-toxic natural ingredients in its serum, so harmless to the eyes. It will not only grow, it will also thicken eyelashes.

The best news is ~ Presently they are offering a FREE PACK OFFER.

I think I have answered your question, "Do eyelashes grow back?"  :-)